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BRAINSTORM is a general knowledge game show of SP Entertainment, produced for public broadcaster RTP1 and broadcast during primetime, daily. It is a surprisingly different show which puts two contestants face to face in a duel of knowledge and strategy.

Each episode will award prize money and will have a winner who will have the right to come back for the next episode. BRAINSTORM revisits and revives the classic quiz show model whereby a great contestant may become a star and stay with the show for episode after episode and increase his/her prize money until he/she is unseated by someone who can prove that the most brilliant mind in Portugal had not yet been found. 

This duel between both contestants happens within a time frame of 40 minutes, with the contestants giving answers to a maximum of 11 questions presented in different and surprising formats.

During each episode the contestants will have to deploy not only their knowledge but also their strategic capabilities. In order to do so, they may bluff their way and will also have to manage their feelings and emotions in the face of their opponents.

The FINAL BET, played at the last question, is the high point of each episode and may even change altogether the course of the game. This mechanic will allow contestants to earn more or less money and even risk all they have won so far to stay in the contest and have a shot at the title of "Wisest amongst the wise”.

And the audience will be able not only to follow the contest but also take part in it whilst the contestants battle it out, via the BRAINSTORM APP. This application will allow viewers to answer six questions posed to the contestants by the presenter, thus sharing in the thrill of being a real part of the game, battle for the title with the "Champions” and even win a daily BRAINSTORM APP prize. 



 BRAINSTORM rewards the best players each 25 shows, challenging them to play SUPER BRAINSTORM

The game rules and structure remain the same but the amounts are much more attractive:

- Each question worth 2.500€ (in place of 200€)

- Initial amount in the box is 20.000€ (in place of 1.000€)

- At the final bet the minimum 






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