Help! My Supply Teacher's Magic



The Help! My Teacher is a Magician with Marco HorĂ¡cio as host, promises to be a unique program where anything is possible. Filled with interactivity and excitement, it promises to turn your evening into a magical night. The great innovation is that the magicians will leave their usual environment and surprise the children in a regular day of classes.

Get ready to watch the best magic tricks. Our team of magicians will enter Portuguese schools and give special classes, very little "conventional". In fact, they will undress the cloak and leave the magic props behind. They will disguise themselves as "invited teachers" to provide the funniest lessons these students have ever had.

The prime factor is surprise. No one knows that the invited teachers are magical, no one imagines that the classroom is filled with hidden cameras. No student will believe what is happening when they see a glass splintering while the "guest teacher" explains the concepts of sound vibration, or even when the teacher begins levitating while exemplifying how to do pushups correctly.

In addition to the classroom surprises, several well-arranged segments, such as "High Scenes", magic tricks in the school playground, are part of the program, with illusions that will leave everyone open-mouthed.

Let's turn schools into magical places!




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