Welcome to Pandamania, the show where everything is possible: new protagonists, new themes and surprises every day.

In this original format, Panda and Francisco Garcia welcome the children and create different dynamics to make them shine. Children are the true protagonists of the show having the opportunity to show their talents and visit Panda at his new home. In this show, we have magical places like the garden or the stage where imagination mixes with the real world. There are new surprises everyday with Panda´s little special guests. At Pandamania every child is in the spotlight. They can:

- Tell an anecdote;

- Perform something on stage;

- Celebrate the anniversary with Panda;

- Play games and win prizes;

- Make a science experiment;

- Cook something;

- Meet Panda´s friends;

- Dance and sing with famous artists;

There are unlimited possibilities because imagination has no boundaries and everybody is welcome! At Pandamania, there is plenty of room for all surprises!




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